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"Bright Eyes" saved her mother

This is probably one of my Buddhist video collections that I have watched for many times. It's a cartoon created based on Chapter 4 of Ksitigarbha Sutra, which describes the Great Filial Piety of a girl called "Bright Eyes" who saved her mother from hell.

I'm sorry for uploading such a small-sized video as I have limited space in my blog and the cost for uploading this video. My main purpose of creating this blog is that I wish that the videos which are created with the purpose of free distribution can be distributed by bluetooth on mobile phones. The source media I have is in DVD format, and the one you are going to view is the converted one from DVD format using Koyote Free Video Converter.

The video also comes with subtitles, but I think they are too small to be viewed on a mobile phone. But I am contented as long as it can be viewed online or can be watched on mobile phones because it can then be distributed via bluetooth.

If you don't know how to download, click here for instructions.
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