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28 Benefits of Ksitigarbha Sutra

Concerning the video on my previous post. It's created based on Ksitigarbha Sutra. Most Mahayana Buddhists know about this Sutra. At least they have ever heard the name. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva in Buddhism is the Bodhisattva who represents the Great Filial Piety.

The base foundation we should build from learning Mahayana Buddhism is the Filial Piety. That's the first lesson we should take. And also it's a natural thing to be filial to parents, right?

Ksitigarbha Sutra is also one of many Buddhist Sutras that every Buddhist recite at home or at the Buddhist temple. In the Sutra, we can know clearly the benefit of the Ksitigarbha Sutra. Here is an excerpt from the whole Sutra taken from Chapter 13 (last Chapter) of the Sutra.

The Buddha told Akasagarbha, "Listen attentively, listen attentively! For now I shall tell you about those benefits one by one. In future times, any good men or good women who should see Ksitigarbha's image and hear this Sutra and, furthermore, read and recite it, and who should also donate incense, flowers, drink, food, clothing and precious treasures as offerings, in addition to giving praise and making obeisance to Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, will gain twenty eight kinds of benefits, namely:

1. Protection and mindfulness of devas and nagas;
2. Daily increase of virtuous fruition;
3. Accumulation of elevated and sacred causes;
4. Nonretrogression from path of Bodhi;
5. Affluence and abundant clothing and food;
6. Non-occurence of diseases;
7. Non-occurence of the calamities of flood or fire;
8. No harassment by robbery and thievery;
9. Admiration and respect of all persons one encounters;
10. Aid and support of deities and demons;
11. Transformation of the female body into the male body at rebirth;
12. Being a royal minister's daughter if reborn as a female;
13. Possession of a dignified and graceful form;
14. Frequent rebirth in the heaven-realms;
15. Sometimes becoming an emperor or a king;
16. Possession of the miraculous power of knowing one's previous lives;
17. All prayers will be answered;
18. Delight and happiness for the members of one's family;
19. Elimination of all unexpected and unpleasant happenings;
20. Permanent eradication of the karmic ways of life;
21. Always passing through safely wherever one travels;
22. Always feeling safety and delight in one's dreams;
23. Elimination of suffering for one's departed ones;
24. Rebirth on the strength of previous bliss;
25. Praises by the Holy Ones;
26. Possession of clever wit and healthy organs;
27. Fullness of mercy, pity and compassion;
28. Ultimate attainment of Buddhahood.