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Where can I download the complete text of Jewel Repentance of Liang Emperor?

Emperor Liang's Repentance Service or Liang Huang Bao Chan consists of 9 parts and usually separated into 3 books. Usually this long duration of Buddhist Repentance Ceremony will take up 3 days. Then followed by "Yan Kou" ceremony on the late hours of the third day.

Usually it's hard to find the books on Liang Huang Bao Chan in monastery which are for free distribution which mean you can bring home. This is perhaps the three volumes of Liang Huang Bao Chan text books are just for ceremony use, which means not for home daily recitation like Amitabha Sutra or Ksitigarbha Sutra.

But, if you still want to see the complete whole text of Liang Huang Bao Chan, you can still search online for the pdf version. I did some searches and found a site where we can download the complete whole 9 parts in pdf format. Click here to download.