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Master Hsuan Hua explains the benefits of reciting Shurangama Mantra

The following is a video about the benefits of reciting Shurangama Mantra (Leng Yan Zhou - 楞嚴咒). This mantra is very well-known mantra which has great benefits for those who recite it whether this life or next life. Master Hsuan Hua tells us that the Shurangama Mantra is the most powerful mantra in subduing celestial demons and hereties. Wherever and whenever people recite this mantra, no demons can  appear to harm people.

Amongs all Buddhist mantras, Shurangama Mantra is the longest one and thus there's a saying that "It takes half year to memorize this mantra even though you recite it every day. Shurangama Mantra can increase your wisdom, good roots, blessings and abilities.

Let's listen to Master Hsuan Hua's complete explanation on Shurangama Dharani.