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Pure Lotus Sound Buddhist Music Collection

When I was searching for Buddhist music just now, I found that there's a Buddhist music collection album which you can download for free. This album was distributed by LifeTV of Master Haitao. The singer's name is Qiao An Wu (喬安舞). And the album is called "Pure Lotus Sound" (清淨蓮音). You probably know "Qiao An Wu" if you love Taiwanese Buddhist Music.

If you have ever searched through Youtube for "Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva cartoon", you probably has ever watched the Buddhist music video called "Jian Wen Li Yi Pin" which is the verses on chapter 12 of Ksitigarbha Sutra. Below, I've embedded two music videos sung by Qiao An Wu in the her Buddhist music album. Click here to go to this Pure Lotus Sound complete music download page.