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Introduction - Why I created this blog?

Namo Amituofo,

Hi, my name is Yanto. I am a Buddhist.
The main purpose of creating this blog is to promote Buddhism and Chinese Moral Teachings, especially Di Zi Gui as the basic Chinese teaching learnt all over the world. This blog will contain literatures, stories, videos, wallpapers, etc. I am not aiming at Buddhists only but anyone who is interested in Chinese Moral Teachings.

The contents of this blog is:
  • my translation works from Chinese books
  • my translation works from Buddhist and Moral CD, VCD, DVD material
  • my personal review of the video I upload (or maybe just the translation if the video size is too big)
  • direct copy from Buddhist site or Chinese Moral Teachings sites that provide free contents
I will only post articles that I translate from free Chinese books. And of course will not violate copyrights regulation.

If you have any comments, just leave it under my post. Thanks for your attention and feel free to distribute the video. Amituofo...