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Meng Can Lao He Shang Website

Have you ever heard any Dharma Talks by Master Meng Can? He is one of the oldest monk who still gives Dharma Talk on the internet. Many of his advice on cultivation can be found on internet in digital format whether mp3 or just plain Chinese text.

Just now as I was searching for Master Kuang Ch'in mp3, I found a website that provides a lot of information about Master Meng Can. You can see his pictures, read what advice on cultivation he gives us, what books have been published, etc.

When I first saw his photo on the internet, I had a feeling that he looked like Master Kuang Ch'in. Master Meng Can (also called Meng Can Lao He Shang) has given many Dharma Talks, for example: Ksitigarbha Sutra (Di Zang Pu Sa Ben Yuan Jing), Avatamsaka Sutra (Hua Yan Jing) and also Zan Ca Shan E Ye Bao Jing. Perhaps there are more. But those mentioned before are what I have ever seen.

In one of his advice on cultivation which I remember deeply is to advise us to persist in regular Dharma practice. He gives us two examples (which I had learnt from "Da Cheng Qi Xin Lun" (a Buddhist Sastra by Ma Ming Pu Sa).

The two examples for "persist in regular Dharma practice" are: Amitabha Buddha Recitation and Ksitigarbha Sutra Recitation. No matter how busy we are, once we have made up our mind on practice, we should recite as much as we have targeted. Do you understand what I mean here?

If we set 30,000 recitation of "Namo Amituofo", we should finish it before we sleep, no matter how busy we are. This is because if we don't have persistence and endurance in practice, we will lose our will in practice. If no regularity in practice, gradually we will grow laziness in practice. Now, I think you understand what he means.

Have you set your goal (target) in your daily cultivation practice? If not, start it now. Wish you all the best.