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The importance of Ksitigarbha Sutra

We, the human beings in this world are actually subject to impermanence. Our lives are so fragile. Many unhappiness will occur after a short while of happiness. There are so many people out there teaching us to motivate ourselves in order to survive and struggle in this modern life. But how many have told us about the impermanence and fragility of the life.

The average life span of human beings has been decreasing due to many factors, such health and environmental influence. Disasters also occur one after another. On certain talks of Buddhism by Master Chin Kung, you have probably ever heard about the reason why there are so many kinds of disasters happening around the year, such as earthquake, flood, fire, etc.

In order to save this world, more and more Buddhist monasteries have actively recite Ksitigarbha Sutra (地藏菩薩本願經)regularly. The merit of the recitation will be transferred after the end of every recitation. In this way, all sentient beings will be benefitted.

In the last chapter of  Ksitigarbha Sutra, you can see that The Buddha had entrusted the task of saving and guiding heavenly and human beings to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Also in this chapter, you can read about the 28 benefits of reciting Ksitigarbha Sutra. Of course, to gain the 28 Benefits, we must recite with utmost sincerity and also routinely. As what Master Yin-Kuang said, "A piece of sincerity will gain a piece of benefit".

At the beginning process of learning to recite Ksitigarbha Sutra, we will meet a lot of obstacles. One of the most common one is drowsiness. Some people call it, "Karmic obstacles". We don't have to doubt our abilities in this practice and then give up. If you have decided to start recitation and then give up half way, that's just too pity. As what I have said, routine practice is important. Just carry on and persist in this process because one day you will overcome the difficulties.

If someone asks me how to save this world with Buddhist Mahayana Teachings, I will tell him/her to recite Ksitigarbha Sutra. The Sutra tells you about the Great Filial Piety, Karmic Law, The Great Vow of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva in saving all sentient beings, etc. This Sutra consists of 13 Chapters, but the meaning is so profound. We do need a long time of learning and reciting this Sutra, so let's practise Buddhism start from this "Great Filial Piety Sutra - Ksitigarbha Sutra".

May all beings be free from harm and danger.
May they gain the true happiness of Dharma.