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Where do those disaster victims go after their death?

In my last post, I wrote that people who encountered disasters actually sharing the same karma, that they have to go through the disasters. The post was talking about the past and the present. Now, let's talk about the present and the future. Where did those tsunami victims go after their death?

Just now, when I was searching about Buddhism video about disasters, I found a video of Master Chin Kung's talk. From the video you learn that the truth after the death of those victims. When one sows the seed, he/she will reap the fruit. Whatever you have done, you will receive the result of your deed. 

A disaster may take up the lives of many people. There are good ones and bad ones. You probably think that it seems unfair that those good people have to die during the disaster. But you don't know that those good ones will rise up to heaven and enjoy their fruit of good karma and those who do evils will have to fall down to the three evil realms, i.e. hell realm, animal realm and hungry ghost realm. If there are those who are real practitioners of Pure Land, those who always recite Amitabha Buddha's Name sincerely seeking for rebirth in Western Pure Land, where will they go? Of course, they reach the Western Pureland. The same disaster, but different destination after death.

If you can understand Mandarin, please take a little time watching the following video of Master Chin Kung talking about the matter of disaster.