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Jane's Enlightenment of the Six Perfections 小真的六度波羅蜜[不分段完整版]

This is a cartoon about the life of a young girl called Jane (Xiao Zhen). Xiao Zhen lives with her grandmother, grandfather, her sister and a little dog called E.T. She is a rather shy girl who thinks that her grandmother dotes her younger sister more than herself. She is still a kind-hearted girl. She's quite talented in drawing.

In the story of Xiao Zhen, she met a Buddhist nun who gave her a book about Six Paramitas. In the book, she learnt about many stories that taught her the meaning of life and how to behave herself in difficult situations. Each story in the storybook related to a paramita. Paramita means Perfection. And that's why the title of this cartoon is called "Jane's Enlightenment of the Six Perfections".