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How should Buddhist fellows face good and bad situations?

In everyone's daily life, there are good and bad times. Good and bad situations will just come to you without invitation. The situations can be others' manner towards you, their speech towards you and also how they see you. You probably care too much about others.

In fact, you should do your best to live in a proper way. Setting good examples for others is not an easy thing. Sometimes, you probably have done your best towards others, but they just ignore you. Don't take this too hard in yourself as you are just making yourself in sufferings. The Buddha has taught us to watch our mind, speech and actions in everyday life, because we can easily hurt others by our speech or actions, perhaps by thinking bad about others, we will also influence them through our mind indirectly.

Then how should we face good and bad situations? When good situations come to you, don't let your greed arise. Let's learn to curb our arise. For example, when you are earning more today, don't let your greed grows by thinking to earn more. Be always contented and grateful with what you have today and always do your best, always make good use of the good situation like donating a little money to the needy. Or you can use your earning to support the reprinting of Buddhist books or sutras.

When bad situations come to you, don't let your anger or hatred arise. Let's learn to let go and forgive others. Remember that you yourself are also imperfect, how can you expect others to be perfect when somebody has done bad to you. Also remember the law of karma. Buddhism is a teaching about present life, past life and future life. So, we should think that perhaps we have done wrong before. Moreover, throwing anger or hatred will only make things worse. Don't dwell in sadness. Learn to let go.

The Pureland Mahayana Buddhism stress on reciting "Namo Amitabha Buddhaya" (Namo Amituofuo) or just Amitabha (Amituofuo). This should be done by Pureland followers when facing good and bad situations. They keep on such recitation to keep their mind in Pure state and vow to be reborn in Western Pureland. That's how they face good and bad situations.