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Recite Buddha's Name while working

Master Ch'in Kung, a famous Pure Land monk who also propagates "Amitabha Buddha Recitation" method, also advises us to let go and recite the Buddha's Name. Let go means that we should not put our heart in the worldly matter, but it doesn't mean that we should give up our work. We just work for a living and never work to fulfill our greed. Let go also means that we put our heart and focus in the rebirth in Pure Land.

Recite the Buddha's Name while we work. That's what matter in our daily practice. This is also the characteristics of Pure Land Buddhism. The practice is simple. Anyone can do that. Whether you are working or taking a rest, you can recite the Buddha's Name. But Master Ch'in Kung also said that when we are handling a job which needs careful attention or concentration, we can do our work first and continue recitation after finishing work.