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Lessons about Changing Life

In Chinese Literature, there are two well-known stories about changing life. They are also highly recommended by Master Chin Kung. The first one is Liao Fan's Four Lessons. And another one is Yu Jing Yi Meets the Kitchen God.

Both stories are so great that many people read, learn and follow the teachings. The first one, Liao Fan's Four Lessons seem to be more well-known than the second one. At first the two stories are freely distributed in the form of books only. They are not copyrighted cause the main purpose of the two stories are benefits all beings.

When it comes to digital world of the earlier times (around the 90's), the two stories were also distributed through Audio CD in the form of Audio book. Nowadays, they were even distributed in the form of movies, which means that you can watch the VCD/DVD or even watch online. They can be easily found at by typing the keyword, especially Liao Fan's Four Lessons which has also been translated into English.

The main difference in both stories lies in the person they meet in process of changing their life. Mr Liao Fan met a Master Yun-Gu, a great and well-known Zen Master of his times. Master Yun-Gu told Mr Liao Fan that life can be changed even if it's predestined. (In Buddhism, it's our mind, speech and body action that determine our life). Mr Yu Jing met the Kitchen God whom he had worship every day and also to whom he complaint about his misfortune.

Comparing the both stories, you'll find that both of them are scholars that are well in Chinese literature but can be said as unfortunate people. They are very unfortunate cause their life are hard but they are also very fortunate to have met a person who can tell them how to change their life.

In our real world, in fact, we probably have met someone who has told us not to do something wicked or bad. The person could be a saint or sage in disguise. Anyway, misfortune can be change to fortune. Bad luck can be changed into good luck. Everything is within you. From the two stories, we also learn that "repentance" is the main factor for changing life. Learning without repentance won't give you real benefit.

I have done some searching and found that we can download the pdf version of Liao Fan's Four Lessons at:

Then, about Yu Jing Yi Meets the Kitchen God, probably could be harder to find the pdf version.
But, both movies version can be watched in YouTube with the following keywords. Just a bit pity, I haven't found the English language version of Yu Jing Yi Meets the Kitchen God. Hope that someone could provide the link through the comment on the blog.

About the movies, Liao Fan Four Lessons are easy to be found at YouTube. The "Yu Jing Yi Meets the Kitchen God" is harder, maybe it's newer than the "Liao Fan's Four Lessons". But actually the complete version can be found easier at the Buddhist Distribution Center cause they are widely distributed in VCD/DVD form.

Click here to open the links to Yu Jing Meets the Kitchen God movie. There's also a cartoon version.