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Continuous regular Buddhist practice

We always hear excuses from people who don't want to have regular Buddhist Practice. Therefore, to practise or not is one's business, not ours. But regular Buddhist Practice really brings real benefit to us. It's something very important for our spritual development. Think it back, how much time do we spend on our daily practice?

We are not living in the former times, the times when people's hearts are not so polluted with the worldly various dust. We are now living in a turbulence world. The only thing we can do is to protect our heart from these delusion and dust.
Saying is easy, but doing is extremely difficult. And regular practice seems more difficult. It's not really a matter, whether you want to do meditation, Buddha recitation or Sutra recitation as your daily practice. The importance is to keep on doing this in any condition. No matter how busy you are, no matter how tired you are in a day, the regular practice should be completed.

Thinking back the result of not doing after waking up the next day will sometimes bring a little realization. We probably will laugh at ourselves when we think of this. Why? What are we laughing at? The answer is that we will be laughing at what we have done, many things unnecessary, like gossiping, playing, surfing the net, having meal which taking up a lot of time and chit-chating with others, fixing something broken, taking photographs or doing many worldly things.

I'm not saying that these are not important as importance is different to people. Everybody has their own needs. But what we should stress the priority and consider whether we have done things according to the priority. The matter of life and death, and the importance of one's sprituality development. It's so easy to go backward but it's extremely difficult to stay in a firm and regular path and it's most difficult to have progress without retrogression.

This can be tested by Sutra Recitation for 49 days for example. I myself started with one complete recitation of "Ksitigarbha Sutra" a day. I started the recitation every day for a few days and then stopped for one day. Then continue the recitation again (counting from zero when I stopped). Then after almost a long way but not reaching 49. I stopped again. The reason for not recite on those days are sometimes quite ridiculous, like wasting time talking about unimportant things. Sometimes helping others solving their computer problems. BUT THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE EXCUSES. Then I start all over again, counting from the first day again. After many times of failure, I finally finished my 49 days of continuous recitation. It's really not easy. Until now, every time when I want to go a bit further like increasing the recitation from 1 complete recitation to 2 complete sutra in a day, I always have obstacles and problems. I kept on making mistakes and had been being lazy. But, I will keep on practising and be more diligent.
I am not someone great in Buddhism practice, but I really hope that I can be better and more diligent in my daily practice. I also hope that this article will give a little help to those who want to have regular continuous practice daily, especially the recitation of Ksitigarbha Sutra and Buddha Recitation.

May all beings be well and happy. Namo Amitabha Buddhaya...