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People are more fortunate nowadays in learning Buddhist

Learning Buddhism in this internet era seems to be much more easier. In the ancient times, people used to depend on their memory to learn, memorize and recite. They had no electronic device to help them in the learning process. Though, they are wise without technology.

Nowadays, people are more fortunate to have electronic devices to help them in the process of learning Sutra or other recitation. We can use internet to download Sutra Recitation, Sutra Explanation, or even Buddhist music. We can also download and print Buddha or Bodhisattva images easily. Since we can do everything so easily, we should be more grateful than those people of the former times.

We are thousand million times more fortunate than them. But people nowadays don't really appreciate those Sutra and Buddha Images. Appreciation doesn't mean that having the Sutras neatly placed only, but in fact learn and put them into daily practice. That's the real gratitude. Actually I felt quite remorseful for not having really learn the Buddhism before and also not really put them into serious practice. But recently, I have realized that I had done many mistakes (perhaps can be said as sinful) in the past.

While searching for Ksitigarbha Sutra Recitation in mp3 format, I found a site which provides Buddhist music and also Sutra Recitation for download. Actually it provides more than that. You can visit the site: It's a Chinese site. That's just one of many Buddhist sites that I will provide in this post. I'll provide more links to other sites in the coming post.

You'll learn a lot from the site. But remember the key to successful learning is to focus on one Sutra and
learn it deeply. Don't treat Buddhism as a kind of worldly knowledge and analyze it. Learning everything at the start also means that you won't achieve anything. In the past, real Buddhist practitioners will keep their learning on one Sutra for many years before they learn other Sutras. But in fact there are many who focus on one Sutra for a life time.

You can look at Buddhism from a Scientific point of view, but the true meaning that the Buddha teaches us is to liberate us from suffering and attain happiness. There are 3 main goals or happiness that the Buddha wants us to achieve in learning and practising Buddhism.
1. To achieve happiness in this life.
2. To achieve happiness in the next life.
3. To achieve the true happiness i.e. NIBBANA (the real happiness)

I don't know much about Buddhism compared to many people, so all I can share is so shallow. I hope that by providing links to other Buddhist sites, all visitors who come to my site will gain more, learn more and put the teachings into their practice.