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New Japanese Buddhist Movie : 禪 (Zen)

Chan or Zen (禪) is a new Japanese Buddhist movie. From the title, you can know that it's all about "Zen" Buddhism. I just found it when I was searching for "新佛教電影". The movie is in Japanese language with English and Chinese subtitles. You can still understand the conversation by just watching the subtitles.

Well, since it's new Japanese Buddhist movie, I haven't had time to watch, but I think it's a good idea to share this Japanese Zen Buddhism movie with everyone who loves watching Buddhist movies. This is a great movie but very long. The duration of this movie is 127 minutes. So, let's concentrate on watching this Japanese Zen movie.

Zen is a Buddhist sect that is widely spread in Japan. And perhaps for this reason, they produced this movie. Thinking about the "Japanese Buddhism" also makes me think of a great Buddhist master who traveled hard from China to Japan to teach Buddhism widely. Do you know who I am referring to? It's Master Jian Zhen. There's also a movie about his life and his effort in spreading Buddhism from China to Japan. The title of this movie is "Jian Zhen Da He Shang" or "Venerable Jian Zhen".

I'm sorry that I'm not able to embed the movie, but it's alright, let's watch this Japanese Buddhist movie by this link.