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Are we getting older? In fact, we are getting nearer to death

Time flies. That's what most people say. Day by day passes quickly. It's another new year. What are you planning?

The Buddha told us that we are subject to birth, old age, illness and death. When thinking about this seriously, we may find that in fact we are not getting older. We can also say that we are moving towards death. If you are destined to live up to 80 years old. Then you have spent another year of your whole lifespan. Commonly, people will count age they live, think that they are getting older, counting from the time they were born. But, I think wise people will count back (although they don't really know when they are dying). Anyway, to those wise people, they will think that life is precious for cultivation, preparing for death and next life right at the moment when you are alive.

There's an old saying that I heard when listening to a Buddhist talk. It's "Those who practise the Way, will always keep the word "DEATH" in their minds". This is actually important to everyone. Life is uncertain, but death is certain. You probably may think that you are still young, and don't want to practise Buddhism, but you probably may have past over the half of your whole lifespan. You don't know it, but still need to admit that you are getting closer to death. I really feel pity for those who end their life. If you read Buddhist scriptures, you will know that it's so hard to be reborn even as human beings.

That's what I would like to share with you today. Wish you all happiness in 2012. May all beings be free from harm and danger. May they take care of themselves happily.