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The Metamorphosis of a Snake Eater

It has been a common practice in China that people eat almost any kinds of animals. If you truly believe in the law of karma, I think you won't eat meat. Some people think that it's nothing about eating meat. Some people just believe that eating meat can affect your health. There are quite lots of documentation whether in text, audio or even videos about meat eating and its effects according to science and also Buddhism.

Law of Karma is the most basic law in Buddhism. In Mahayana Buddhism, vegetarian concepts have spread wide all over the world which started in China long ago where Emperor Liang ruled China. He widely encouraged all the people in his country to become vegetarians.

In the past recent years, there's a report on a man who is a snake eater. He has eaten quite lots of snake during his life. And this has become his daily habits in killing snakes and taking their meat for foods. The following real life story of this snake eater is in Chinese language, but by watching the video, I think you can understand a bit. There are some kind souls who helped him by teaching him to repent and recite Ksitigarbha Sutra for his sake. They did "merit transference" to this snake eater man after the recitation of Ksitigarbha Sutra. And what happened in the end? Please sit well and watch attentively.

I also wish that everyone can have a chance to recite Ksitigarbha Sutra and become a vegetarian. May all beings be well and happy.