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Master Guang Qin and his daily life videos

This is a very rare video about Master Guang Qin. Actually, I have been searching for videos about Master Guang Qin on Youtube, but it seems that videos about him are very rare. Only photographs can be found on Google.

Master Guang Qin is still a well-known great monk to everyone until now. Buddhist followers of all over the world visited him to listen to his sermon and asked him questions about Buddhist practice. Some people said he practised Zen,  some people said he practised Pure Land , and others say he practised Zen and Pure Land, but he himself remarked that to him, there is no difference. What a great monk indeed.

I was so happy that I could see this video although it's only about 10 minutes. From the video, you can see parts of his daily life, Master Guang Qin and his disciples, his followers and the surroundings of the temple he lived. You can see that he kept on chanting anytime and everywhere. You can also see Master Guang Qin paying homage to the Buddha. He has set a very good example for us as a Buddhist practitioner.

Perhaps, you won't feel anything if you have never listened to his sermon or advice audio files. But at least, I hope that this video can encourage us to be more diligent in our daily practice, especially those who have benefited a lot from listening to his advice.

Be always mindful (recite) Amitabha Buddha's Name.